Plan length: 8-weeks


  • Step-by-Step Training plan to get you started! Following state of the art graphics.
  • Inside tips from professionals.
  • Online video support to help you understand the correct movements and training methods.

Ultra plan includes (3-5) three to five training sessions per week. Designed to get you proper running techniques, building endurance and motivated to challenge yourself.

2. 14km fast “Tempo-exchange” run
– Warm-up by easy running 3km
– 6x 1km Tempo (between the sets, run 500m easy pace)
– Cool down run, easy pace for 2-3km
– Stretch your legs for 15-20min.

3. Hard “Tempo” run
– Warm-up by easy running 2-3km
– 5x 4min hard (2min. cool down between the sets).
– Cool down run, easy pace 2-3km.
– Stretch your legs for 20-30min.

Keeping your posture is the beginning of all running.
Keep your arm close to your torso and let the arms move naturally, don’t force large movements.
Lifting knee and focusing straight line momentum.


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