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New shoe and apparel partnership!
Noora Honkala and Saucony has signed new partnership.

Noora Honkala, ultra runner has signed a cooperation with shoe and apparel brand Saucony.

“I am very exited about this new cooperation. For long time, even before my professional career I have always been Saucony fan. As testing several running shoes, from light track shoes to more cushioned models. I am extremely surprised and please about the vast selection and comfort of Saucony. I have my personal favourites and I think this cooperation will fuel me for new records.” Says Noora.

‘’On behalf of Saucony we are delighted to have Noora join our team and we look forward to being part of Noora’s journey as she continues to establish herself as a top class Ultra runner. At Saucony we are always looking to partner up with strong and determined athletes who inspire others to find their passion through running. Noora ticks these boxes and we are looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together’’ – Nick Simonin, Saucony Nordics


Ultrajuoksija Noora Honkalalla dramaattinen ennätyskisa Barcelonan olympiastadionilla: ”Tuli monta kertaa tunne, että nyt heittää päästä” (lisää…)


Lojobon Noora Honkala löpte finskt rekord i tolv timmars löpning – förbättrade gamla rekordet med en kilometer


AEl Ultrarunning Barcelona 2021 tuvo un enorme éxito deportivo, pues se batieron en total hasta cinco records nacionales: Tres de España, dos de Iván e  Isa Sandovla sumando las 50Mi femeninas, más dos de Finlandia, por Noora Honkala, plata absoluta en meta.


New partnership with Jarkko Partanen LKV. Home is where your heart is 🙂


Honored to be a part of new sport platform! KleosTV 

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Again I am participating Helsinki City Marathon!


12h Atromitos Ultra, Athens (Gre) 10th. April.


IAU 24h World Championships postponed!
New date: 2-3.10.2021


Garmin SOLAR CAMPAIGN Launched!


GR Health ja Noora Honkala vahvistivat yhteistyötä.


Jag lever min dröm varje dag
För ultralöparen Noora Honkala från Lojo är ett lopp på 100 kilometer en vanlig dag på jobbet…