Gerda Steyn Destroys Field and Comrades “Up” Record!


Comrades 2019

One is running out of superlatives to describe the running exploits of Gerda Steyn. But maybe “majestic” would do for the 2019 Comrades Marathon.

With the course shrouded in mist and the occasional drizzle falling, the positions remained the same for a while, but just before the second checkpoint at 29.5 km Steyn took over the lead — for good, as it turned out.
Aygul Mingazova (UKR), 2016 winner Charné Bosman, Jenna Challenor and Noora Honkala (FIN) rounded out the top ten, but the latter was already almost 16 minutes behind the flying Steyn.

For only the third time ever, the first ten women all finished in under 7 hours (in 2017 the last gold medal was won in 7:05:55). There were five South Africans in the top ten.


By Riël Hauman



Challenges ahead!

Only few days left and I will be among 25.000 other athletes to start one of the most recognised Ultra races in the history.
87km Uphill and I guarantee, it will not be easy.

Useful links:
Official Website

LIVE GPS tracking (NOORA)
*Download app and put this tracker-id: C4EXLBN

Latest Pyöräily + Triathlon Magazine (FIN)

Pyöräily + Triathlon lehti

Ultrajuoksija haastaa triathlonistit

ULTRAJUOKSIJA Noora Honkala yllätti maaliskuussa duathlon-kokeilussaan. Harjoitteluaan monipuolistanut Honkala pyöräili vahvasti ja ratkaisi kakkossijan Powerman-kisan päättäneen juoksun lopussa…


Ultrajuoksija Noora Honkala teki 12 tunnin kisassa kerralla kaksi ennätystä vaikeuksista huolimatta

HS 22.4.2019
Manu Tuppurainen

Noora Honkalan uusi ultrajuoksun 12 tunnin Suomen ennätys on samalla myös Pohjoismaiden ennätys.

ULTRAJUOKSIJA Noora Honkalan, 26, kausi on lähtenyt liikkeelle hyvissä merkeissä. Kreikassa asuva ja harjoitteleva lohjalaislähtöinen ultrajuoksija juoksi pääsiäisenä uuden Suomen ennätyksen 12 tunnin ultrajuoksussa. Honkalan 12 tunnin aikana takoma matka, 135 kilometriä ja 786 metriä on samalla myös uusi Pohjoismaiden ennätys.

”Fiilis on tosi hyvä, ottaen huomioon, että kisa ei ollut helppo, vaikeuksia oli vatsan kanssa sadan kilometrin tietämillä”, Honkala sanoo.


Noora Honkala teki Pohjoismaiden ennätyksen

Turun Sanomat 20.4.2019
Marko Vuosjoki

JUOKSU Ultrajuoksija Noora Honkala oli liikuttunut Kaarina Rata Ultra -juoksun 12 tunnin urakan päätyttyä.

– Oli tosi vaikea päivä. Kroppa ei toiminut, neste jäi vatsaan kellumaan enkä saanut energiaa tankattua. Juoksu ja kroppa alkoivat toimia vasta 110 kilometrin kohdalla, huokaisi lopulta Pohjoismaiden ennätysjahdissaan onnistunut Honkala.

Honkalan lopullinen tulos oli 135,7 kilometriä. Uusi Pohjoismaiden ennätys.

– Todella helpottunut olo, kun ennätys tuli. Alkumatkan pahoinvointi onneksi väistyi ja sain lopulta hyvän suorituksen aikaan.


Noora Honkala räjäytti pommin duathlonissa

Länsi Uusimaa – Uutiset

Suomen ultrajuoksun ykkösnainen, lohjalainen Noora Honkala yllätti itsensä ja maailman kärkinaiset sijoittumalla ensimmäisessä multi-sportin kansainvälisessä kisassaan toiseksi Kreikassa viime viikonvaihteessa. Honkala debytoi pyöräilyä ja juoksua sisältävässä duathlonin Duathlonin Powerman -maailmansarjan osakilpailussa Kreikan Loutrakissa.

Ultrajuoksija Noora Honkala yllätti kärkinaiset duathlonin maailmansarjassa

HS – Uutiset

NOORA HONKALA järjesti yllätyksen sijoittumalla toiseksi sunnuntaina juoksusta ja pyöräilystä muodostuvan duathlonin maailmansarjassa Kreikan Loutrakissa.

KYSEESSÄ oli ultrajuoksijana tunnetulle Honkalalle ensimmäinen niin sanottu multisport-kilpailu kansainvälisellä tasolla.

Leikkauksesta toipuminen toi uusia harrastuksia

KauppaSuomi – Uutiset

Suomen tunnetuin ultrajuoksija, 26-vuotias Noora Honkala kokeilee itselleen uutta lajia, kun hän osallistuu tulevana kesänä Lahdessa järjestettävään IRONMAN 70.3 -triathloniin. Kilpailussa uidaan 1,9 km, pyöräillään 90 km ja juostaan puolikas maraton eli 21,1 kilometriä.

Noora Honkala - Season opener

Recap: Napoli Half Marathon
Napoli, Italy

After Saturday’s press meeting and talking with Elite athletes, the topic in the air was “this race will be cold and windy”!

Sunday morning at 5am.
Wind was still strong, gusting nearly 85km/h. and temperature 6°C. Not the ideal weather for anyone. Nevertheless, I felt ready as I could be. All that hard training past few months and now I was about to put that in test.

At the starting line, I don’t think anyone liked the fact that it was gusting the wind directly to us and we had to start running against the wind for the first good half of the race.

9am. And we where off!
Its rather fun to see, when mens are running 2:50/km. (and yes I did felt a bit slow).
First 6km I placed myself behind some of the Elite runners, as the wind was pounding all of us. About on the 8km point my “engine” started to warm-up and I felt very good and smooth. My running was firm and I could keep 3:45-4:00/km pace.
First 10km was flat 39:00min. and from that point to 15km, my running was everything I wanted; easy, smooth, great rhythm and technique as practiced. Closer to the end, after 17-19km small uphill section, I was able to pull my strongest kilometre, 3:40min/km.

Overall I had exactly the same time by second from the first and the second half of the race. At the finish line, I was one happy runner. Beating my personal best over 6 minutes and placing on these “tough” conditions top.10.

2019 Season could not have a better start!

Noora Honkala -Ironman 70.3 Debyt

HS – Uutiset

Noora Honkala juoksee ensin Afrikassa 90 kilometriä ylämäkeen ja tulee sitten triathlonkisaan Suomeen – ”Avovesiuinnista on tullut minulle rakas harrastus”
Noora Honkala ilmoitti, että hän osallistuu ensi kesänä Lahden Ironman-kisaan.

Tutti i top runners della Napoli City Half Marathon

LaGazzetta dello Sport – Press

Napoli City Half Marathon

Ecco la presentazione della gara, che si terrà domenica 24 febbraio: diversi i partecipanti di ottimo livello, che autorizzano ad aspettarsi il nuovo primato della gara… (More)

Febbraio: mese della 12^ Napoli City Half Marathon. Si avvicina sempre di più il 24 febbraio, giorno designato della mezza maratona partenopea che sta diventando una delle competizioni più importanti non solo d’Italia ma anche d’Europa.

Organizzata dall’Asd Napoli Running presieduta da Carlo Capalbo, che è anche presidente della Commissione corse su strada della Federazione mondiale nonché di Runczech, circuito podistico dell’Europa Centrale che annovera anche la Maratona di Praga, la Napoli City Half Marathon si caratterizza per molteplici aspetti. Uno fra questi è la spettacolarità del percorso che offre ben 14,5km (sui 21,097km) tutti waterfront, classificandosi come la mezza maratona più ‘frontemare’ d’Europa.


Noora Honkala – Press

Recap Barcelona
I came to the race with full confident and well prepared. So I can’t say it was disappointment in any level.
My first few hours I maintained the pace my coach and I planned and I felt very strong. After first turning (3h mark) something change and I started to feel pain at my hip and hamstring. It reminded me the time before my disc operation just few months before. Nevertheless I kept running as I had no shortage of energy and I felt strong, but after a while my coach decided to pull me in and discuss about the growing pain. Then after 4.5h my coach pulled me out. Total 57.9km.

Looking back, I think this was wise decision from my coach.
Some battles are not meant to be fought.

I’ve proven myself, that I have mental and physical endurance what it takes to achieve the top world level and my coach taught me the lesson, not to jeopardise the greater goal by sacrificing all in single event.

Here is the summary of Barcelona (first hours) : LINK


Gara fotocopia dell’anno scorso al femminile, con la finlandese Noora Katarina Honkala (Endurance Ultrarunning Team Finland) che concede il bis presentandosi sorridente sulla finish-line nel primato della gara in 4h01:01, per chiudere sesta assoluta, migliorando il 4h15:00 del 2017. Sul podio anche Teresa Mustica (Delta Spedizioni, 4h33:01) e Chiara Angeli (Gs Il Fiorino, 4h40:44). I due vincitori si sono aggiudicati anche il Trofeo della Costiera, riconoscimento ufficiale fissato al km 50.

IAAF Road Running Commission Chairman
Carlo Capalho

Napoli Running Press

Sorrento Positano

The first among women was again the last year winner from Finland – Noora Katarina Honkala who finished smiling in 4:01:01, thus improving the course record by almost 14 minutes. Her result placed her sixth overall in the race, men included. “It is a fantastic race! I often run the 100km but this is also a great workout for those who run ultramarathons. I truly advise you to come to Sorrento and run it!” Second position was for Teresa Mustica with 4:33:01, while third for Chiara Angeli 4:40:44, both from Italy.

Carmine Buccilli and Noora Katarina Honkala, won also the Trofeo della Costiera, an official intermediate recognition set at km 50.


Noora Honkala oli täysin ylivoimainen Italian 54 kilometrin juoksussa...



Noora Honkala oli täysin ylivoimainen Italian 54 kilometrin juoksussa – toiseksi tullut hävisi suomalaiselle yli puoli tuntia
Honkala olisi loppuajallaan sijoittunut miesten kilpailussa viidenneksi.

LOHJALAINEN 26-vuotias Noora Honkala oli ylivoimainen Italiassa Amalfin rannikon maisemissa järjestetyssä 54 kilometrin ultrajuoksukilpailussa, tiedotteessa kerrotaan. Honkalan aika sunnuntaina oli 4.01.01, jolla hän alitti viime vuoden aikansa 14 minuutilla.


‘Working with Noora Honkala and her coach, Sami Vaskola, a former world champion athlete, has been a revelation and we are making great progress towards our goal of delivering world class training facilities and and nutrition programmes for our guests. We wish Noora our very best for this year’s Sorrento-Positano ultra marathon and look forward to celebrating with many more successes with her’.
Domenico Tartarone, Aquapetra Resort & Spa

Career highlights

World ultra running superstar and Aquapetra's Sporting Ambassador returns to defend her Sorrento -Positano 54 km title.



At 7.00 am, 2nd December 2018, Finland’s Noora Honkala will line up in Sorrento, to defend her 54 km ultra marathon title.

Expectations for this year’s race are high. In her debut race last year, Noora smashed the course record, beating her nearest rival, Elide del Sindaco, by more than 20 minutes. Since then, Noora has gone from strength to strength and despite major surgery, 2018 has been a landmark year in her career.

Noora Honkala is an extraordinary athlete, who first captured the world’s attention by becoming the youngest woman in history to complete the legendary 250km Spartathlon, a race she has completed three times. In May 2018, she rose to No.1 in the world for the 6 hour run, followed by an 8th place at her first 100km World Championships in Croatia (September) and 7th place at the Athens Classic Marathon.

 ‘My coach first brought me to Aquapetra following last year’s coast to coast run. It is a very special place, the perfect retreat. The whole team supported my recovery and I returned home, relaxed and free of the physical effects that are part and parcel of our brutal sport. From this visit, we began working with Aquapetra to create comprehensive fitness, nutrition and recovery programmes for their guests. We have adapted these programmes from most effective holistic performance methodologies my coach designs for my training. Whilst the goals of Aquapetra’s guests may be varied – better posture, higher levels of fitness, weight loss, detox and raised levels of general health and wellbeing, creating the guiding framework for personalised fitness and health programmes is something I always hoped to be involved in following my career as an athlete. To have already begun this fascinating work is beyond a dream. My degree is in Sports Science and my coach, Sami Vaskola, has helped so many top level athletes and business leaders attain their goals. Together with the Aquapetra team, we have all the ingredients for world class provision. Watch this space!’
Noora Honkala

Aquapetra Resort & Spa is the Sannio’s leading luxury relais, formed from the hamlet of Montepugliano that dates back to the late 18th Century. Set over 60 hectares of woodland and olive groves in the heart of Sannio wine country, the resort combines 42 suites, a state of the art Spa & Anti Aging Centre and a Michelin starred restaurant, centred on the territory’s superb produce. Aquapetra is a life’s work of high architecture and design that effortlessly blends ancient and contemporary elements.

Ultrajuoksija Noora Honkala tähtää jälleen voittoon Italian 54 kilometrin juoksussa



Ne Noora Honkala sai uurastuksestaan vuosi sitten 54 kilometrin ultrajuoksussa Italiassa.

Ensi sunnuntaina 26-vuotias juoksee samassa kilpailussa, jossa tavoitteena on jälleen voitto – palkinnoista huolimatta.

”Ihana päästä juoksemaan se uudestaan. Reitti on haastava, siinä on paljon ylä- ja alamäkiä, mutta se on uskomattoman kaunis”, Honkala sanoo HS:lle puhelimitse matkalla Ateenan lentokentälle Kreikasta, jossa hän asuu ja harjoittelee.

Juoksun lähtöpaikka on Sorrentossa, josta juostaan Positanoon ja takaisin. Reitillä on nousua 1 477 metriä.


Still couple races to go and going strong!




Official Results

48th Comrades Up Run. - 2019

World’s largest and oldest ultramarathon race
I´ll be there, JUNE 9, 2019



Noora Honkala pinnisti Suomen ennätyksen – katso kuvat 100 kilometrin MM-juoksusta

Hollannin Leonie Ton katsoo huolestuneen kisan loppukilometreillä hänet ohittavaa Noora Honkalaa, joka keskittyy tiukasti pitämään omaa vauhtiaan. Takana seuraavat Etelä-Afrikan Salome Cooper ja Kreikan Stergios Anastasiadis.



Suomen ennätyksen MM-kisoissa juosseelle Noora Honkalalle sata kilometriä on matka, jolla kehitetään nopeutta – seuraava suuri tavoite on juosta vuorokausi putkeen mahdollisimman kovaa.

Noora Honkalan selkä leikattiin runsaat kolme kuukautta sitten Helsingissä. Lauantaina hän juoksi kahdeksanneksi sadan kilometrin juoksun MM-kilpailuissa.

More (Link)



Noora Honkala juoksi MM-kisoissa alimatkallaan 100 kilometrillä kahdeksanneksi – Seuraavaksi tavoitteena siintää 24h -juoksun maailmanennätys.

26-vuotias Noora Honkala juoksi lauantaina Kroatiassa 100 kilometrin MM-kilpailuissa sijalle kahdeksan. Honkalan loppuaika 7:52:04 on samalla matkan uusi Suomen ennätys. Nuorelle ultrajuoksijalle kyseessä oli kuitenkin alimatka, josta haettiin lisää vauhtireserviä tavoitteena siintävään 24h -juoksun MM-kisoihin ensi vuodelle.

More (Link)



Προετοιμασία στη Μάνη για την δρομέα υπεραποστάσεων Noora Honkala

Η Δρομέας υπεραποστάσεων Noora Honkala μαθαίνει την νέα ζωή της σε ένα μικρό χωριό της Πελοποννήσου και προετοιμάζεται για τα 100χιλ τρεξίματος του παγκόσμιου πρωταθλήματος.

Από την Lohja της Φιλανδίας η δρομέας Noora Honkala και ο προπονητής της Sami Vaskola μετακόμισαν στην Ελλάδα και μένουν σε ένα μικρό σπίτι στο χωριό Καρβελάς στον Δ.Ανατ. Μάνης,περίπου 50 χιλ από την Σπάρτη η οποία έχει παράδοση αθλητών εδώ και 3.000 χρόνια. “Καρβελάς είναι ένα σπουδαίο μέρος για αθλητές αλλά εάν περιμένεις νυχτερινή ζωή και μια μεγάλη πόλη ,αυτό δεν είναι το μέρος που ψάχνεις” λέει η 26χρονη δρομέας, “το καλοκαίρι ο πληθυσμός του χωριού πολλαπλασιάζεται ,τις υπόλοιπες εποχές είναι ήρεμα και ήσυχα και πολύ ασφαλή” προσθέτει η Νοοra.

More (Link)



2018 IAU 100k World Championships race coverage by IrunFar

South Africa’s Salome Cooper made a late-race move to surge into the top 10, pushing especially hard on her final lap, and finishing in seventh place. After running in the top 10 pretty much all race, Noora Honkala and Kajsa Berg took eighth and ninth. The Netherlands Leonie Ton rounded out the women’s top 10 by running outside of the top 10 early, moving up inside the top five mid-race, and finally fading some at the end.

by: Meghan Hicks

More (Link)



Noora Honkala juoksi kahdeksanneksi 100 kilometrin MM-kisassa:

ULTRAJUOKSIJA Noora Honkala juoksi kahdeksanneksi 100 kilometrin MM-kilpailussa Kroatiassa.

Honkala, 26, käytti matkaan 7:52.04, mikä on uusi Suomen ennätys. Hän oli kisan paras pohjoismaalainen ja kolmanneksi paras eurooppalainen.

”Kyllä oli rankka kisa, mutta onnistunut suoritus!” Honkala kommentoi MM-debyyttiään.

Jan Vilén HS

More (Link)



Noora Honkala selätti kivun.

Lohjalainen ultrajuoksija tavoittelee vähintään mitalin tuntumaan 100 kilometrin MM-juoksussa.
More (Link)



HS – Ultrajuoksija Noora Honkala opettelee uutta elämänmenoa…

Ultrajuoksija Noora Honkala opettelee uutta elämänmenoa pikkukylässä Kreikassa ja valmistautuu 100 kilometrin MM-kisaan: ”Ajassa täällä on jääty 10–20 vuotta Suomesta”

Ruoka haetaan lähikaupasta ja laskut maksetaan vielä paperilla. Sähkömittariakaan ei ollut luettu kahteen vuoteen.

Ari Pusa HS

More (Link)



FINNISH NEWS – World-class Finnish athletes break new ground

World-class Finnish athletes break new ground as advisors for one of Italy’s leading luxury hotel & spa resorts.
For a small country Finland has a good number of world-class athletes who have ventured out into the world of business, bringing their expertise and attention to detail they have gained at the pinnacle of their sport competitions.

More (Link)



TURUN SANOMAT – Kaarina Rata Ultra (FIN)

Honkalalle kuuden tunnin juoksu on vauhtiharjoitus
Noora Honkala , 25-vuotias ultrajuoksun huipputekijä, oli Kaarinassa harjoittelemassa 100 kilometrin MM-kisajuoksuaan varten.
Treeni oli onnistunut, sillä lohjalainen teki uuden naisten Suomen ennätyksen kuuden tunnin juoksussa, 77 kilometriä ja rapiat päälle.

More (Link)

Kaarina Rata Ultra 2018


KAARINA – Kaarina Rata Ultra (FIN)
Link to “live” result: ELITE

It is sunny day after all and this will mark my first training run for upcoming 100km Worlds (September). My coach and I decided to maintain steady pace as long as possible. Our mark is between 78 – 81km, so lets see how does KARU treads us 😉

Athens Half Marathon 2018


ATHENS – Athens Half Marathon on Sunday
Link to official site: www
I am trilled to take part for Athens Half Marathon this year. It is a start of my racing season and can’t wait to be on the starting line.

SKALA Local running event


SKALA – Local running event on Sunday

My coach decided to sign me up for short “10km” running race. Training purposes…
Link to venue:

Runners World Italy


Runners World Italy

Le trecce bonde della finlandese Noora in cima alla classifica femminile

Una finlandese in cima al podio femminile. Noora Katarina Honkala ha chiuso in 4:15:00 entusiasmando il pubblico locale con le sue lunghe trecce bionde. Elide Del Sindaco (Tribù Frentata Laniano) è giunta seconda in 4:34:20, terza Cristina Imbucatura (Asd Run For Fun) in 4:36:36.

Corriere dello Sport


Corriere dello

Gara donne con una sola grande protagonista dall’inizio alla fine. Protagonista assoluta la finlandese Noora Katarina Honkala che aveva il pronostico della vigilia tutto a suo favore e non ha tradito le attese. Suo il nome nell’albo d’oro di questa prima ultramaratona Sorrento-Positano Coast To Coast con un tempo di 4:15:00. Elide Del Sindaco (Tribù Frentata Laniano) ha conquistato la seconda piazza in 4:34:20 di poco distanziando Cristina Imbucatura (Asd Run For Fun) terza in 4:36:36.

Coast to Coast, Amalfi - ULTRA


Coast to Coast ULTRA Press release (full article)

The absolute winner among women from the very beginning till the end was Noora Katariina Honkala from Finland. Her name and the time of 4:15:00 will stay forever in the history of this first edition Sorrento-Positano Ultra Marathon; almost twenty minutes later finished as second Elide Del Sindaco (ITA), 4:34:20; the third to cross the finish line was Cristina Imbucatura, 4:36:36 (ITA).

Coast to Coast, Amalfi - LIVE FEED


Coast to Coast LIVE FEED link

54km Coast to Coast – Napoli Running (Amalfi) Live Feed
Direct link: LIVE FEED

Coast to Coast, Amalfi


Coast to Coast approaching

Marathon World Italy
 Tra le donne c’è attesa nel vedere all’opera la 25enne finlandese Noora Katarina Honkala che ha sulla 50km un primato di 4h26’54” e sulla 100km di 8h58’38”. Abituata a distanze ancora maggiori basti sapere che ha percorso ben 235km in una gara di durata di 24 ore e di ben 131km in una 12 ore.

Premier in Sparta, Greece


Ultrarunner Documentary Movie

Ultrarunner documentary – Movie theatre
Ultrarunner film will be screened at Sparta, this coming Saturday 18.11 at 7:00pm! Event hosted by Spartan Runners jointly with the Mayor of Sparta and Photography Club of Sparta. It will be another full house!

Länsi-Uusimaa 13.11.2017


Ultrarunner Documentary Movie

Ultrarunner documentary – Movie theatre
Noora Honkala appeared on Silver-screen. Small 30min. documentary, how Noora started and now turning to professional runner was released at Kino-Vaakuna (Lohja, Finland) for selected VIP guests. Kari Sallinen (from Länsi-Uusimaa) covered the event and you can read more (by click the image) or reading Länsi-Uusimaa paper today.



Voyantic & Noora Honkala

Voyantic, the global leader in performance measurement solutions for RFID (radio frequency identification), is proud to announce that they have started marketing co-operation together with Noora Honkala, a 25-year-old Finnish ultra runner.



Interview and clip from Sportmagasinet (Airing TV on Wednesday 25th Oct.).

Noora Honkala - Ultrarunner Premier 11.11.11

Noora Honkala Ultrarunner short movie.
Exclusive VIP premier 11.11.11 (November.11 / 2017) 11:00am.
Location: Lohja Kino Vaakuna (link: )

Coast to Coast - Napoli Run 59km

Next race is set! December 3rd. A Scenery 59km with extreme hills.
This particular race is a test for upcoming 2018 season. Hills, Hills and Hills… 59km testing endurance and speed.
Race profile: 
Official site: LINK

Toughest kilometres of my LIFE! - YLE

Battle of my life. Toughest kilometres what I´ve ever ran…
Full article link: YLE

Länsi-Uusimaa - Spartathlon

Body would have carried far more, but my mental game wasn’t´t there…
Full article link: LÄNSI-UUSIMAA

Running Press Greece - Spartathlon

I am just human and there´s falls, but I´ll rise again.
Full article link: RUNNING PRESS

Spartathlon 2017 AAMULEHTI

I gave all I had, but Spartathlon 2017 beat me this time.
Full article link: AAMULEHTI

Spartathlon 2017 Pre feelings AAMULEHTI

It´s time for Spartathlon 2017 and yes its the fourth time I am heading to this legendary race.
Full article link: AAMULEHTI

Spartathlon 2017

Spartathlon 2017 is on the verge beginning. Friday morning at 7am from the footsteps of Acropolis the legendary race and my long day at the “office” starts. Live feed Link


Having a blast with Marce (Radio Rock)!
This will be aired next week and what an energetic soul Marce is!

Combining forces with STATE energy drinks

Born in Faroe Islands, made in Denmark and landed in Finland. State energy drinks providing fast, balanced and prolonged energy for running was a perfect match made in heaven for me. More:

Educating my presentation English

What an wonderful person and such a talent! Nicholas Anderson (who also runs site called: Finnish ).
Had my first of many business & practical presentation English lessons today 🙂

Shooting with YLE Sportmagasinet

Rainy day, but got it done 🙂
Makes me humble to be around with professionals who has worked with sports more than 30+ years!

Lohja - Running School Summer season finished

Absolutely fantastic group of sports minded people participated 2017 Lohja Running School this year. Also extremely pleased to see nearly 100% participation of summer camp athletes joining 2017 Winter season.
Thank You all and can’t wait to see you soon!

Midnightrun Helsinki 9.9.2017

Prior to this years main event, it was time to do some short run with Adidas Runners. 10km in the heart of Helsinki, Finland 40:38 (8th place). Felt good to stretch the legs a bit after week long cycling and core training.

Results: Click Here

Spartathlon 2017 Registration Done!

Qualified and signed 4th time to legendary Spartathlon Race.
246km from Athens to Sparta starts from the footsteps of Acropolis. September 29th 7:00am. is where the journey begins.