BORN: 1992
HEIGHT: 172cm / 5″7
FROM: Lohja, Finland
SHOES: Saucony
Time keeping: Garmin

I was born and raised in small town called Lohja (Finland). I wasn’t born as a runner, I had a passion for soccer. Indeed… well, that lasted few years, but it got me the fighting spirit alongside with stamina. It was a runner coach, Seppo Leinonen who saw my ability to pursue a bit further and he actually persuaded me to try my first ultra.

Years went by and now a decade later, training systematically and same time enjoying the “ride”, I have reached the levels I can realistically pursue World Records. YES 2024 is the year on beyond.

I have polished and tuned my abilities and now I can say, I’m ready!
Wait and see. 😉

What really matters

My coach: Seppo Leinonen (Spartathlon 2023)

I did my first Spartathlon in 2014.
It was all excited and I felt it was like adventure. Indeed I barely made it. Many times I was just "borderline" to make those cut-off times, but I did make id.

Overall I have started Spartathlon 6 times and only once I had to withdraw. It was a difficult year, as I just came from 24h World Championships. I just wasn't mentally ready to give 100%.

Times I have improved (lately)
2014: 35h:34min:37sec.
2015: 34h:02min:23sec.
2016: 32h:20min:59sec.
2021: 26h:27min:14sec.
2023: 23h:23min:03sec.


Few years ago, I became a friend with the legend himself. Yiannis Kouros.

He is one of the friendliest runners I know of. His legend proceeds him, with over 100+ World Records and a true pioneer of Ultra running as we know.


Hanging out with Fotis Zisimopoulos. Seems like its no lie, that Greece is the birthplace of running 🙂 A true joy of an athlete.


Last December, this girl just bombarded our house 🙂 In my books, Camille Herron is the Greatest Female ultra runner of all-time. She recently broke 6-day WR and at the same race she broke total of 12 World records. Camille and Connor (coach, hubby and mentor of Camille) are true power and determination of human spirit.

My personal trainers (mental coaches)

As a dog lover myself, there is no story without these rescue dogs. Lilu (white one) and Buga Buga (Labradorian).. They were both left in harms way to die, but we were lucky enough to save them. They are my joy and happiness.

Big part of athletes life is TRAVELLING... and more travelling...

Goofing with my Yoga friends. Yoga Shala - Gytheio.

Life is for living

Not whole of my life is dedicated to sport (big part yes), but I have been blessed to live life in fullest.
Travelling between my home country (Finland) and Greece is a blessing. Not to mention all the great races and people I have chance to meet alongside of my journey.

Patrycja Bereznowska "aka Patti"
Hanging out before the race.

Photo session with Sorokin. Race organiser Gilad Krauz (Israel). What a great time we had.

Carlo Capalbo, chairman of the WA (IAAF) Road Running

Starting line with Aleksandr Sorokin

PHANTANE ATHLETICS CLUB, South Africa. One of the greatest distance coaches of all-time, Mr. Mdu Khumalo

Assistance coaching (Loutraki 24h) with Ioannis "John" Dimopoulos.