The camp will be held in two different locations offering a variety of training grounds.

Whether you’re just starting to train for your first 5K or you’re an ultra-marathoner, spending time in a majestic setting focusing on running, guided by expert coaches and in the company of like-minded people can do you good. You’ll learn everything from pacing and nutrition to injury prevention and how to use technology to your benefit from our coaches presentations. 

We will began on Mount Taygetos where are accommodation is at 1000m elevation (follow the link: ). The weather in Greece is ideal. We have chosen this location to give the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking landscape during our runs, beautiful trails and plenty of fresh air.

Accommodation and all meals are included in our Mount Taygetos retreat all made freshly from local products. We will have a day spent in Sparta which is an ultra running society since it hosts many ultra running events with most well known the Spartathlon 246km, you can have the chance to visit King Leonidas’ Statue. Enjoy a day with a sport massage and the chance to try out the local cuisine.

The second part of your training will be in the seaside town of Gytheio 42km from Sparta, and enjoy the rest of your training by the sea at very mild weather conditions. In Gytheio your hotel and breakfast is included (follow the link: ) but not other meals giving you the opportunity to stroll around the town and try different dishes. Apart from your every day runs we place a lot of emphasis on your recovery with ice baths at a river, sport massage, stretching and yoga for runners. We have a lot of strength training routines as well.

As runners we often look for ways to improve or just to enjoy ourselves in a safe environment. Attending a camp is a great way to reach your peak. To help you achieve whatever your goal, we have set up our camp with knowledgeable and experienced coaches as well as professional ultra runner to coach you to do your best at any distance and on any surface using multiple proven training methodologies, giving you all the psychological support you need.


Gytheio / Luxury Las Hotel & Spa
(Link to hotel)

FARIS HOTEL Mt. Taygetos
(Link to hotel)


Ioannis Dimopoulos
is a certified Coach with NAASFP, Spartan SGX, ISSN.
Coaches all levels from 5K-Ultra races. Has had the honour to be part of many couch to running success stories.
Also a coach to 14 Spartathlon Finishers, and a 2 x winner and 6 x podium ultra runner himself.
Noora Honkala
One of the worlds most versatile ultra runners of all-time. Noora  coaches from entry level -to Spartathlon races. Noora´s strength lies in her versatility. As an ultra runner, she is also a pro-level short distance runner, duathlon racer and Ironman finisher. Holder of many Finnish ultra running records and 3rd place Spartathlon finisher in 2021 26:26.
Maria-Stella Xenaki
is a certified running coach and a 2x ultra runner champ
Also author of Ioannis Dimopoulos The Power of I can.
Sami Vaskola
Washed up old grumpy athlete. Long long looong… time ago he pushed boundaries, but those days are long gone. If you feel like having someone to lean on, he is your guy.


1st day

  • Pick up from airport
  • Orientation
  • Dinner

2nd day

  • Trail running – 10K
  • Breakfast
  • Free time
  • Lunch
  • Rest
  • River cold bath– 7K walking (back & forth)
  • Presentation
  • Dinner

3rd day

  • Trail running 10K or 15K or 20K +hill sprints
  • Breakfast
  • Free time
  • Stretching
  • Presentation

4th day

  • Rest day
  • Visit to local business
  • Sport Massage
  • Free time in Sparta
  • Hotel in Gytheion
  • Strength Training

5th day

  • Track workout
  • Breakfast
  • Free time
  • Afternoon presentation
  • Evening yoga for runners
  • End of camp Party

6th day

  • Optional morning run
  • Breakfast
  • Departure from Hotel


Ioannis Dimopoulos & Noora Honkala

Sparta, Greece
Call +30 694 2518048 (John)
Call +358 50 3415115 (Noora)
Hours: 9:00am-7:00pm

1000 euro

Cost of the camp includes all training – coaching, hotels (with breakfast), meals – lunch & dinner (only in our Mt Taygetos retreat – days 1,2 & 3), visit to local businesses, massage, gym, yoga, afterparty and transportation between locations during the camp, from Athens airport to the camp, from the camp to Sparta and to Gytheion and return to the airport.

750 euro
As above but without transportation from and to Athens airport.

390 euro
Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Days 2, 3 & 4 (day 4 no hotel accommodation). Contact us for shorter duration or group customised package. 

*minimum participation 300 euro (one or two days)

Weekend Package (join in for days 2-3-4, Fri-Sun)

*Every runner will leave with their personal commemorative photos
**Every runner will leave with surprise gifts from the camp
***All your runs will be fuelled by our sponsor Maria Arfani’s Pharmacy & PowerBar