Plan length: 8-weeks


  • Step-by-Step Training plan to get you started! Following state of the art graphics.
  • Inside tips from professionals.
  • Online video support to help you understand the correct movements and training methods.
  • Personal invitations to running camps.

Beginners plan includes (3) three to (4) four training sessions per week. Designed to get you proper running techniques, building endurance and motivated to challenge yourself.

Focus: Technique and maintaining core at the tempo runs
1. Technique drills + moderate 6km
– Warm-up by easy running 15min.
– 100m runs (moderate) by focusing your technique (arms, legs, posture), walk back and think of the movements. (repeat this 5 – 8 times).
– Run 6km at moderate speed 5:00-5:30min/km. (focus on your breathing and energy sufficient technique)
– Stretch your legs for 10-15min.

2. Easy 10km
– Warm-up by easy running 15min.
– Run 10km easy speed (5:45-6:15min/km.)
– Walk 5-10min.
– Stretch your legs for 10-15min.


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