TAIPEI 24h WC, this Friday

LIVE race feed will be updated here, before the race.

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The race course is located in the riverside park. It is 2 KM per lap with flat asphalt
pavement. The course is officially measured by an A grade AIMS measurer and all
performances will therefore be recognized by IAU.

10:00 Taiwan Standard Time (GMT+8), December 1, 2023

2023/12/01 10:00:00

Fantastic season is coming to an end. 
Blessed to get last tips from the “Legend” himself. Yiannis Kouros.

Mental strength will be the one playing the crucial role on the upcoming 24h WC.



It's a long and beautiful road.

There´s still long way to go, much to do and hard work to get there. Blessed by the team and partners, I know we all will reach stardom!

2nd Place / 23h 23min. 00s.

3rd Place / 26h 26min. 48s.